5 Reasons Your Competitors Utilize Staffing So That They Can Delegate and Dominate

5 Reasons Your Competitors Utilize Staffing So That They Can Delegate and Dominate

#1 Massive Talent Pool

The Philippines has a population of over 100 million people. English proficiency stands at around 94% in the country. When you take a look at the culture, it’s heavily influenced by the west.

With agencies in the Philippines, business owners have an opportunity to hire staff with expertise in their chosen field. Businesses can focus on core competencies and sales while their partner in the Philippines takes care of hiring and all human resource related tasks.

The fact is that the Philippines has a wide array of talent starting with basic entry level positions (customer service, lead generation).  While call centers make up the majority of the outsourcing market in the Philippines there are higher level services that cater to those businesses that require data analytics.

The previous point needs to be widely spread to business owners in the west. The Philippines is not only about answering calls from customers or working on repetitive mundane tasks. The Philippines is also capable of analyzing company data that can be used to implement processes and programs that clients can use to sell more of their services.


#2 Cost

Not only can you hire a wide array of talent in the Philippines but you can do it at half the cost.

Take the current average salary of a customer service representative in America and compare that with the average salary of one in the Philippines.

USA = $14 USD per hour average
Philippines = $7 per hour average

This means that an English proficient and a western neutral accent speaking Filipino will cost a business half versus in the US or Canada.

Every business needs accounting and bookkeeping. In New York the average salary of an accountant is above $20 USD per hour. In the Philippines someone with Xero and Quickbooks certifications have a salary of less than $10 USD per hour.

These costs of hiring staff in the Philippines is very attractive and has become one of the leading reasons business owners decide to outsource several business functions. Building partnerships with agencies in the Philippines has become widespread and it’s not only for corporations.

#3 Managed Services

Business owners want to scale. This means being proactive in sales every day. Nothing grows a business better than finding leads and selling. This is why managed services allow business owners to focus on sales while their partner in the Philippines takes care of human resources. This means that staff are taken care of day to day by management of the partner in the Philippines.

A managed service in the Philippines will handle human resources related issues. Handling hiring, absenteeism, and issues relating to performance are not handled by business owners but by the professional staffing service in the Philippines.

#4 Expertise

While business owners develop their own products and services, and focus on sales, they can rely on a partnership in the Philippines to handle their customer service needs. Having staff who are knowledgeable from gaining years of previous experience handling customer enquiries and sales means that brands are protected at all times.

There are all levels of support in the Philippines. The level of support a business needs ranges from basic order taking, retention, and of course technical support.

An inbound customer service agent can handle conversations and build rapport quickly so that the needs of all customers are met quickly and efficiently.

There are also multiple platforms that customer service representatives are actively trained and working on. These include online social media platforms where brands need to react to any positive or negative reviews, or simple enquiries.  Chat support is also growing due to the fact that a high majority of people interact with brands using their cell phones.

A Philippines based partner will source and recruit the very best for businesses so that their brands are protected and to build customer loyalty.

#5 Availability

Availability means scalability. In the Philippines you can hire staff that work day or night shifts depending on the support you need. When customers call in during North American hours then you’ll be hiring night shift staff. This is because the Philippines is either 12 or 13 hours ahead of New York, depending on the two time changes per year. The Philippines does not have day light savings.

The beauty of outsourcing different positions to staff in the Philippines is that projects can be done faster when staff are available around the clock. If you’re a business owner in the US, your staff can work while you sleep so that documents, research or data entry can be delivered to you by the time you need it in the morning.



Businesses have adopted a virtual environment where many business functions do not have to be done in house. The amount of experts in different fields is extensive in the Philippines. This means that hiring accountants or customer service representatives makes sense from a staffing perspective.

Cost of staff is half of what it is in the west. Being able to hire two people for the cost of one versus the west has made the Philippines a very attractive market for business owners to utilize.

Working with a partner in the Philippines means that you get to hire amazing staff and have them monitored for performance. A key decision for business owners to make is to focus on sales, product development and relationship building while staff take care of everything else.

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