1) Your Picture – You should have a nice headshot that shows you smiling. Smiling has a
significant psychological advantage when people first see you. First impressions online or off is
important when building instant rapport.

2) Your Name – Always use YOUR name. It’s best to leave your company name or abbreviations
out of the name field on LinkedIn.

3) Profile Keywords – Research keywords that people may be searching for in your related
industry. A simple tactic to use is to search other people in your industry, similar to you, and find
keywords in their profiles which you can then use in your own.

4) Your Professional Headline – There is a 120 character limit in this field. Use it extremely
wisely. This field is massively beneficial from a user search standpoint. When other users search
for your industry and expertise, this is the field that will help define their search results.

5) Contact Information – Without a doubt this is highly important. The easiest way for people
to contact you is to email or call you over the phone. Make sure your up to date contact
information is presented on your LinkedIn profile. When updating your website information,
make sure to click on ‘Other’ in the drop down menu so that you can type in your business
name. Your virtual assistant can screen calls for you so don’t hesitate to list your contact information!

6) Summary Field – This is where you need to share what value you bring to your past, current,
and future clients. The summary field gives you a chance to point out the most effective
solutions that your business offers to clients. Make your summary stand out by using industry
keywords. This summary section should be treated almost like your 10 to 30 second elevator

7) Recommendations – Find and connect with current and past clients on LinkedIn. Once you
are connected you can ask them for a recommendation. These recommendations will be seen
by anyone visiting your page which gives you much more credibility.

8) Multimedia – If and when you create videos specifically about your products and services,
you must put them on your LinkedIn page. Videos create a lot of buzz around the internet and
you should take advantage of this by adding high value videos to your profile.

9) Social Sharing – Blog articles, videos, anything that is online and related or created by you
about your business can and should be shared on LinkedIn. The people connected to you will
see your updates. It’s about keeping your face and message in people’s faces so that when they
need, or know of someone that needs your services, you’ll be the one they think of. Social media
is here to help keep your brand out there.

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