Communication Tools You Need On Your Smartphone To Work With Virtual and Remote Teams

Communication Tools You Need On Your Smartphone To Work With Virtual and Remote Teams

I’m asked all the time about which tools I use to run my businesses that are both online and off. No matter where you are in the world in relation to your team there are tools that you can use to stay in touch and keep on top of on going projects.

You can travel for business or have your own virtual teams knowing that your communications are taken care of by applications right on your phone.

Luckily all cloud based (online) applications have their own applications that can be easily downloaded onto your smartphone.

These are the applications I use on my home screen to run my businesses daily…



Skype – This is, in my opinion, still the best free platform to use when wanting both voice calls and messaging capabilities. Skype allows group chats which is great for your teams collaboration and meeting needs. It also allows you to buy unlimited North American calling to cell phones and landlines for less than $10 a month. And remember, your entire team can have unlimited calls between each other for free when installed on your smartphone.

TIP: A quick video of you sharing information, with a smile, will keep your team motivated when they see you.

Email – Applications for email are usually already installed on smartphones right out of the box. Email is still a great way to send messages to clients or staff, send calendar invites, create calendar reminders and of course keep track of any information that is needed for particular projects.

TIP: I use the Gmail application to connect to my business emails. I use the Outlook application to connect to my Hotmail account which I use for anything outside of business.

Messenger – Yes, that messenger. Facebook is collecting information on its users so they can better target them for advertisements, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it for quick messaging and video calls. If you have Facebook installed, most likely you’re also using messenger.

Calendar – I use my calendar application to create reminders and set appointments that are daily and necessary. Your entire team can schedule team meetings and other important reminders that anyone can see at any time.

Text Messaging – Because I live in the Philippines I use text messaging locally only. I am able to text any member of my staff. Use this sparingly and only when you absolutely must get a hold of someone at odd hours.

Phone – No explanation needed. I live in the Philippines and I use this to call staff.

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Security Cameras – I use an application on my smartphone that allows me to log into and be able to monitor my offices in real time. If you have a physical location/s then this type of monitoring capability can reassure you that everything is just fine with operations.

File Sharing

Dropbox – Files are easily shared and accessed using this cloud based service. Access can be granted to anyone or taken away from anyone at any time. This isn’t the only file sharing service out there, but it’s easy to use and very inexpensive.

Project management – I was introduced to Trello, a project management tool and I’ve never looked back. Easy to use, easy to navigate and easy to set up. This is a tool used by small businesses and professional sports clubs, just to give you an idea.


These applications are for you only. These are just bonus tips from me to you.

Banking – Your bank account and details related to it can be accessed at any time.

PayPal – If you take payments for services or products on PayPal, then make sure you have this application on your phone to keep track of sales.

There you have it. These applications, or similar ones should be installed on your smartphone for success with your teams. Whether you have an office or you’re completely remote these applications will ensure you are able to communicate with your teams at all times from anywhere in the world.

What applications and services are you using online to keep in touch with your virtual and remote teams? Are you using them effectively? If not then it’s time to think about deleting them to make room for those applications that are actually useful to running your teams and business.


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