Cost Savings – Another Reason SME’s Hire Virtual assistants in the Philippines

Cost Savings – Another Reason SME’s Hire Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

Small and medium enterprise owners like you have a big advantage when it comes to hiring personal assistants. It’s called outsourcing, and hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines. I’m going to break down why SME’s create more opportunities to grow their business, and save massive amounts of cash through virtual staffing in the Philippines.

Cost difference between the US and the Philippines

According to payscale, the average salary of a personal assistant in the US is $14.89. This does not include health benefits. It also does not include the cost of equipment a business needs to have to support a staff member. Equipment and an office space both have ongoing maintenance costs such as electricity. This means that the cost to maintain a personal assistant is much higher than $15 per hour.

SME’s are able to outsource their staffing needs to the Philippines and save more than 50% on their costs. A personal assistant can be hired in the Philippines for less than $7 an hour. With education, fantastic English proficiency, and a culture that is ready to work hard for you, the Philippines is a shining star when it comes to hiring talent.

When SME’s hire personal assistants for key business roles, they are able to spend their saved cash on sales.

  • The yearly cost of a personal assistant in the US is $39,323.
  • The yearly cost with an agency such as Somebody 2 Hire is $13,132.80.

The difference is $26,190.20

You can hire 3 people in the Philippines for the cost of one in the US.


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SME’s get more done with more staff

Having the capabilities of hiring personal assistants in the Philippines creates more growth for SME’s. Simply put, more work gets done.

Having two or three personal assistants means SME’s can get more work done in different areas of their business. Whether it’s data entry, research, reporting or customer service SME’s can grow rapidly.

More staff on hand means more work is getting done. Wouldn’t it be nice to have extra help so you can focus on building your business?


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