Did your freelancer bail on you?

When you hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines they sometimes have a tendency to disappear. Where did they go? Are they alright? These are some of the questions that rush through your head if someone simply doesn’t show up to work anymore.  

There are plenty of reasons why freelancers / virtual assistants may decide to bail out on you.  

  1. You were aggressive. Unfortunately we assume that the people we hire across the pond will behave and think like us. This isn’t true. Cultures dictate behavior and responses to how people react to different situations. In the Philippines, people tend to be shy. So if you decide to shout at your employee then they are going to take high offense to it. Don’t get aggressive with freelancers, instead try to understand them by having a human conversation.  
  1. You micromanaged them. Think about the last time you may have worked for a boss that was always breathing down your back telling you how you should do things. Does it feel good when someone is constantly monitoring every move and every decision you make?  I’m sure you are going to say no right now. A good manager or boss let’s their employees make decisions. They also allow their employees to fail. Always let your freelancers have a chance to use their own decisions. They will be happy that you trust them, even if they make mistakes. Mistakes can be fixed.  
  1. You treated them like robots. When you don’t have the patience to talk to your employees like they are human beings, then expect them not to trust you or be happy with their job. True, some employees just want to do the work and don’t have interest in chit chatting. If you hire someone to work for you virtually, it’s best to get to know them at least a little bit. You create trust by listening to them. You also allow yourself to become more than just a boss if you have conversations where you both have mutual interests.   

Making sure your freelancer is happy with the job you’re assigning means going out of your way to talk to them, making sure they understand that you are there for support, and allowing them to communicate without being scared to do so.  

To ensure business continuity and to have reliable virtual assistants working for you, hire an agency who manages staff in an office environment. Agencies like Somebody 2 Hire create work space environments that allow virtual assistants to grow. Administrative support staff will make sure your virtual assistants keep coming back day after day to work for you, without having to worry about them disappearing on you. Virtual assistants that are looked after by both an agency in office, and by their clients ensures they will not bail on you.  

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