How owners of Airbnb listings can take full advantage of Virtual Assistants

How owners of Airbnb listings can take full advantage of Virtual Assistants

Do you really want to be on your phone at odd hours of the day, answering the same questions about your Airbnb listing? Customer service is required by all Airbnb listings because people want to ask a wide array of questions about your property. Being a customer service agent daily for your own listings may get tiresome after a while. There is a unique and simple way of getting people into your property, and it has to do with man power.

Hiring a virtual assistant has helped many owners of Airbnb listings free up there time from having to check and deliver answers to potential renters. A virtual assistant for Airbnb listings is someone that works during the busiest hours when questions come in about your property.

Here’s what to do..

  • Get all the frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) into a document. If you have many questions already answered then you can also copy and paste them into the file.
  • Hire a virtual assistant from a reputable company that has a service level agreement (SLA) with you. This means answering questions of potential renters within a specific time frame. Giving answers within a short time frame means a higher probability of renters.
  • Have your virtual assistant answer all inquiries that come in about your properties.
  • If there is a question that is unique and has never been answered or documented, allow your virtual assistant to communicate it with you. Have your virtual assistant document it in the document.


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If someone asks a question about restaurants in the area, your virtual assistant can use Google maps to find nearby listings.

If someone asks a question about how to get to a certain landmark, your virtual assistant can use Google maps or the local transportation systems website.

You see, being an owner of Airbnb listings doesn’t mean you have to play in a customer service role.

If your phone notifies you that you have an inquiry about a listing, and you’re sitting at dinner with family, doesn’t it make sense to have someone helping you? What are the most frequently asked questions about your properties? Start documenting them today and save yourself time and effort later on.

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