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Popular Tools used by Customer Service Representatives RingCentral is a popular tool being used by brands who hire remote customer service representatives, especially in the Philippines. RingCentral These are important features for brands who hire remote customer

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Scenario: 👇 (This is what happens when you don't hire chat agents)A customer visits your website and tries to contact you via chat. There is no response from your brand, and the customer leaves your website for

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✔ Inbound and Outbound✔ Chat & Email Support✔ Social Media Support We support many industries including.. ✔ Ecommerce✔ Financial✔ Commercial Services✔ Food & Beverageand many more... Call: 1 604 779 1456www.somebody2hire.com

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https://youtu.be/L6iyTUpZs3E Here are three ways your customer service representatives can give your customers an experience that keeps them coming back. Smiles and energy Customers can feel energy over the phone. Empathize with the customer Customers want to