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5 Reasons to Hire Chat Support Representatives in the Philippines

5 Reasons to Hire Chat Support Representatives in the Philippines

admin June 17, 2022 0 Comments

Hello again, this is Jozsef Kiss, Founder of in the Philippines. Before we move on please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you will get more great information on how outsourcing to the Philippines can grow your business. 

Today I will show you why you need to hire chat support representatives. I will discuss the benefits of hiring chat support. And I will show you how to hire chat support representatives in the Philippines. 

  1. Don’t let them abandon you

As consumers find your website, they may think of questions to ask you about your products and services. 

The bad news is that more than half of consumers abandon their shopping carts online when they don’t get answers to their questions fast enough. 

The good news about hiring chat support representatives is that consumers are more likely to buy when live chat support is available. 

3 out of 4 consumers prefer to contact brands through chat, which means that offering chat support is your way of being there for consumers anytime they need you. 

2) Start small, then grow

Some business owners get overwhelmed with the idea of offering chat support 24/7. 

You don’t have to offer chat support 24/7 right away. 

Take a look at your data, specifically when consumers are trying to contact you. 

If you see that most of the support calls coming in are day time, then you can hire one chat support representative to work during that time. 

You can set your availability within the chat software so that consumers will know right away if you have a live person available to help them. 

When you see more requests coming in during off hours, then you can make the decision to hire another chat support representative. 

3) Consumers want it now

When you have chat support representatives available to help consumers, 6 out of 10 consumers expect answers to their questions immediately.

More than half of consumers that visit your website do want fast responses so they can make buying decisions quickly. 

Having a live chat support representative could mean the difference between educating consumers and converting them into a sale, or having them leave your website and finding a competitor who can give them the support they want. 

4) Think from the consumers perspective

When a consumer visits your website on their personal cell phones, they may not be in a situation to make a phone call to get support from you. 

By offering chat support, those consumers who cannot make calls can get support right away no matter what their circumstances are. 

Chat support is about convenience, giving consumers a fast and easy way to get in touch with your brand. 

Hiring chat support representatives allows consumers to get immediate responses, instead of leaving your website and finding another competitor. 

When you allow consumers to get the information they want, you end up with more sales. 

5) Hire for less

The Philippines as a whole has become the number one country for foreign businesses to outsource customer service. 

The Philippines has achieved this status because Filipino’s have a strong grasp of the English language, and they sound the most neutral to western countries.

The other reason why the Philippines has become a major outsourcing hub for small, medium and large corporations is due to the very low cost to hire. 

Your business can hire 3 chat support representatives in the Philippines for less than the cost of 1 person in western countries like the US, Canada and Europe. 

This ultimately means that you can support consumers 24/7, giving consumers what they want, when they need it. 

Your brand will make more sales when you can accommodate consumers when they need you through chat support. 

Head over to and fill out our form, which will get you in touch with us immediately. 

Hiring customer service representatives has never been this easy. 

We take the work of sourcing, hiring and managing customer service staff, and we do it all for you. 


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