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Cannabis Industry Turning The Cannacurious Into Cannacustomers

admin March 28, 2022 0 Comments

The evolution of cannabis and the cannabis industry has been a long time coming. Since the 1960’s, medical professionals, activists and enthusiasts have promoted the benefits of the misunderstood botanical, fought for decriminalization and legalization of the plant, and tirelessly worked towards providing cannabis education to the public sphere.

In the past three decades, the perception of cannabis in North America has shifted drastically due to the nature of our modern, progressive society. Whereas cannabis users were once presented as drooling, brain-damaged, counter-cultural maniacs in hysterical films like “The Devil’s Harvest” and “Reefer Madness”, a combination of cannabis education and more widespread consumption has led to a better understanding of it’s medicinal, social and even spiritual benefits.

This in turn has resulted in sweeping and transformative changes to legislation regarding the cultivation, use and sale of cannabis. Behold, the cannabis industry! Cannabis is now legal or decriminalized in mulitple states across the US and all provinces in Canada. Cannabis products brought in billions of legal dollars in 2021. No longer does the cannabis consumer have to pick up from that sketchy guy in the basement suite down the road. And it turns out that the average cannabis user is more likely to be your quiet neighbour than a babbling, bug-eyed serial killer.

The products available from the cannabis industry are amazing. However, they are still relatively new to the general public. This means there is a huge portion of the potential customer base that remains untapped. We are talking about the “cannacurious”. Whether they are newly minted consumers or more experienced cannabis aficionados who want to try something new, they have a multitude of questions. They need a new kind of cannabis education. They want to know what to get, how much to get, how to use it, what new products are available, how much they will cost.

How are you going to answer all their questions? How will you turn these “cannacurious” into “cannacustomers”?

At Somebody2Hire, we provide an ecommerce customer service platform to inform, enlighten and educate the “cannacurious”, and direct them to the products and services that you provide. In order to succeed, most businesses need to hire customer service representatives. It is no different within the cannabis industry. With an ever-increasing variety of cannabis providers, consumers need to be steered towards your product. Why do you and the products you provide stand out as the best in the industry? Where are they available? We can answer these questions on your behalf.

To hire customer service representatives often requires a significant investment of time, energy and money. Somebody2Hire will do all the work. Our ecommerce customer service platform significantly reduces the amount of effort required to generate new business. You can continue to focus on the mechanics of the business itself, and allow us to focus on bringing the “cannacurious” to you.

Somebody2Hire will provide you with knowledegable, articulate customer service professionals who are extensively trained to provide cannabis education for those who need it. Our representatives will answer their questions and gently steer them towards the appropriate product for their needs, available at one of your locations or via your website. We are a one-stop shop for all of your customer service needs.

Life is short and times are changing. Get a stronger foothold in the cannabis industry and make a name for yourself, before the market becomes oversaturated with second-rate providers. When you contact Somebody2Hire and hire customer service representatives, our ecommerce customer service platform will turn the “cannacurious” into your “cannacustomers” by providing the information they need to make an informed decision. Your reputation will grow along with your sales figures, and you will be thankful you did it.

Chris Owen
Business Development Specialist @ Somebody2Hire
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