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How Your E-commerce Customer Service Representatives Make Sales $$$

admin March 24, 2022 0 Comments

At 9:33am, your customer service rep, Roxanne, just wrapped up a call with an existing customer looking for a delivery status update.

Then, a new website chat session opens.

It’s a potential customer who is looking for information about a specific product they found on your website.

The consumer is interested in a pair of sneakers in a particular size and color.

Roxanne uses polite language during the entire chat session with the consumer.

Then, Roxanne informs the consumer that the size and color they are interested in is in fact in stock.

She uses the following script..

“Great news, both color and size are in stock. I can have these beautiful shoes shipped out today so that you can enjoy them on (date). May I have your full name and full delivery address please?”

Take away..

E-commerce stores should have chat capabilities to answer all consumers.

Customer service representatives can generate revenue by using positive language.

Consumers buy from e-commerce brands that give them what they want, when they want it.

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