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Are you trying to hire customer service representatives?

Brands that need to hire customer service representatives have to focus on the following 3 areas.

1) Documentation

The first step in creating a customer service team is to document all product and services knowledge into your CRM.

FAQ’s, or frequently asked questions, can be displayed on your website.

Those same FAQ’s can be used by customer service representatives to serve your customers as quickly as possible.

The main details that your customers have been asking you about lately are going to be documented in your FAQ documentation.

You can use a robust customer service platform (in the cloud for use with all devices) like Zendesk.

Zendesk will allow your brand to customize internal documentation.

Documentation along with updated training will ensure that customer service representatives have the information they need at any given time.

Don’t forget to update your FAQ’s and other documentation as new products and services become available.

2) Hire local, or outsource?

Now that you have your internal documentation ready to go, you will need to hire customer service representatives.

Should you hire locally or outsource it to the Philippines?

The average monthly cost to hire a customer service representative in California is $3,300.00, which does not include benefits.

The average monthly cost to hire a customer service representative in
New York is $3,100.00, which does not include benefits.

Hiring customer support in the Philippines has been on the rise year after year.

Now the Philippines has become the #1 source for hiring offshore, remote customer service representatives.

Working with Somebody2Hire, our clients hire 4 customer service representatives versus hiring just 1 locally.

Large corporations as well as SME’s take full advantage of this cost factor.

You don’t have to hire 4 people when you’re a startup.

And SME’s , like yours, are able to hire full teams that become brand ambassadors.

Hire a Customer Service Representative in the Philippines Ecommerce SaaS Get Started Now

3) Technology

First you need a phone system.

If you already have a phone system in place, and it’s in the cloud, then you can simply create new accounts for customer service reps.

You also need to integrate chat on your website.

6 out of 10 customers now want to be able to chat with brands rather then calling.

You will also need an email ticketing system.

Email ticketing is great for those brands that will offer multi level, tiered support.

And you will want to have your customer service representatives monitor your social media accounts.

Facebook pages are very popular and some customers may want to chat with you.

Phone, chat, email and social media can be monitored by cloud based solutions which can be monitored from any device.

There are many cloud based solutions that integrate phone, chat, email and social media monitoring.

Zendesk is a powerful solution that can be set up to monitor every customer channel.

And if you already have more than one solution then create new accounts, and train your customer service reps to use them.

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Hire a Customer Service Representative in the Philippines Ecommerce SaaS Get Started Now

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