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Since 2014 We Have Provided Staff To Boost Productivity and Multiply Revenue

Jozsef Kiss – Our President & CEO

About Our Company

Thank you for visiting. We started our business in early 2014 for business owners like you. Through our amazing staff here in the Philippines, our clients are able to create teams that not only make them highly productive, but also generate more revenue for their business. We’ve helped build teams for companies such as Men In Kilts, Thinkific and Good Choice IT.

You might wonder what makes us stand out? First and foremost we make sure our staff are all well taken care of. We pay more. We care more. And we pay attention to our staff so that they are always ready to help our clients.

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Why You Should Partner With Us

Multiple Locations

We operate in several cities across the Philippines.

Canadian Ownership

Ownership is from Canada. We bring western business development skills to help our clients.

Human Resources

We have a dedicated team that ensures we hire amazing people with the right skill sets and educational background.

Our Awesome Team

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