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Hello again, this is Jozsef Kiss, Founder of Somebody2Hire.com in the Philippines. Before we move on please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you will get more great information on how outsourcing to the Philippines can

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How do you route customer service calls to staff in the Philippines? All you need is a phone number with possible extensions in the cloud. For example, you can get business phone numbers from RingCentral. If you

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They are in high demand because they are awesome. Alright here’s the truth. At the moment the Philippines is sitting as the number one country to outsource customer service. What’s behind this? Filipinos with customer service experience

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What is the one channel that customers use to get an immediate response from customer service? It's the one that's the easiest for anyone to access. Chat support sits comfortably on your website. Anyone can access chat

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https://youtu.be/wx4Sfh-TTYM Customers want to meet you through phone, website chat and social media. This is why brands are choosing to outsource to the #1 customer service country, the Philippines. Whether you’re a start up, or a medium

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Hire customer support in the Philippines, who are trained to persuade. Ecommerce stores that provide live chat support can.. Provide up to the minute stock information Use persuasion to sell In this instance, the consumer wants to

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Are you trying to hire customer service representatives? Brands that need to hire customer service representatives have to focus on the following 3 areas. 1) Documentation The first step in creating a customer service team is to

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The evolution of cannabis and the cannabis industry has been a long time coming. Since the 1960’s, medical professionals, activists and enthusiasts have promoted the benefits of the misunderstood botanical, fought for decriminalization and legalization of the

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At 9:33am, your customer service rep, Roxanne, just wrapped up a call with an existing customer looking for a delivery status update. Then, a new website chat session opens. It's a potential customer who is looking for

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6 out of 10 consumers say that time is a very important factor in online experiences. What does this mean for your business? Ecommerce shops are have a lot of the same requests coming in every day.