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A lot of entrepreneurs have tried Outsourcing to the Philippines so they can work with Filipino virtual assistants.

Now you have to really understand that if someone tries to hire staff there are a few elements involved.

If you tried to hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines,
you have to know how to source, you have to know how to interview, how to train and how to keep your staff happy.

Sourcing is done by professionals who know where and how to look for the right candidates for a particular role in a company.

Knowing what to ask candidates during an interview is also a skill that must be learned.

If you can get past sourcing and interviewing a candidate you then have to train that person for the job.

A lot of entrepreneurs complain that the work they wanted to have done isn’t being done to their standards.
Now if you don’t have the right tools or even the patience to train someone then of course they won’t do the work the way you want them to or expect them to.

Knowing how to source and interview and train someone in the Philippines must be done thoroughly.

Once you do have someone hired and trained you then have to make sure that you can keep that person engaged and interested in working for you in the long run.

This is why some entrepreneurs go online and complain about why Outsourcing to the Philippines failed them.

When in reality some entrepreneurs don’t have the specific skill sets necessary to hire someone, and that’s not their fault.

This is why outsourcing agencies thrive because they know how to get the right people hired for specific roles

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