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Today I’ll give you examples of how IT companies use outsourcing to the Philippines to help their customers with low to high level technical assistance. Hello again, this is Jozsef Kiss from here in the Philippines. Before we move on, please subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you will get more content on how outsourcing to the Philippines will help you multiply your business. IT companies hire low to high level expertise. For example, Microsoft Windows server administration is handled by high level experts that have industry certifications and many years of experience. Then there are organizations such as telecom who build or outsource their low-level technical support, such as modem resets and other basic repairs. The one key factor in outsourcing low to high level technical support and customer assistance is the cost to acquire great talent. Here in the Philippines many small to enterprise organizations are outsourcing low to high level technical support and assistance. The Philippines has a massive talent pool of people with low to high level IT competence. Here at Somebody2Hire, we are able to source these great individuals for our clients because we’re local and have teams all over the Philippines to help source great talent. Whether your organization needs help onboarding new customers with your products, or help with higher level administration, the Philippines is a safe and secure place to outsource. Outsource your technical support and customer assistance with ease and have the confidence to work with us, at Somebody2Hire. We can help you in core areas of your business. Remote staff here in the Philippines can help you in areas where you need it the most. Hire customer service brand ambassadors, technical support agents, and back-office staff here at Somebody2Hire. Our ownership and management are on site here in the Philippines. Connect with me today at and I’ll help you create a team of experts who will drive your business forward and help you scale your customer base.

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