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Are you struggling to answer your customers when they need you the most?
The problem here is that if they can’t reach you, there’s a good chance they will find someone they can.
And that’s going to be your competitors.
If consumers can’t reach you through website chat, they will only call you if they are truly desperate.
And if they are desperate and can’t connect with you then their experience drops significantly.
Take website chat for example.
At least 6 out of 10 consumers want to use chat to connect with brands.
The way to answer all of them is to have customer service representatives available.
Outsourcing to the Philippines is a smart and cost-effective way for brands to answer consumers every time.
Let’s say for example you have a product that has a cost of $400.
If you sell just 2 in a month, that will pay for the customer service representative who persuades consumers into buyers.
Your customers need to be, must be met by customer service representatives every time they need you.
Brands that offer website chat and can also take phone calls are going to generate more revenue.
At Somebody2Hire, we understand the growing pains of small business.
We also know that medium sized businesses have a need for customer service support teams.
That’s why we’ve been able to help SME’s build strong customer care teams, who become your brand ambassadors.
Brand ambassadors educate consumers and persuade them to buy.
To have a customer service team, or not to have?
You are not losing customers when you have a team.
Consumers want you to be there when they need you, every time.

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