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3 components to create a customer service team

3 components to create a customer service team

The 3 components to create a customer service team.


The most important part of a customer service team are its people.

When you hire customer service representatives make sure they have the right attitude.

The right attitude is showing up on time every day, doing what is necessary and team participation.

At Somebody2Hire we believe in hiring based on experience and attitude.

If you hire for both, its a winning combination for a customer service team.

Hire Customer Service Representatives BPO Philippines Outsource in a global economy


Once you’ve hired customer service representatives, you will need hardware such as laptops, headsets, monitors and other peripherals.

Two monitors in customer service support is an absolute must.

Noise removal headsets help the customer experience.

You can invest in other peripherals to make your customer service teams daily work more enjoyable.

A peripheral can be a nicely padded chair for great comfort.


If you hire the right customer service representatives and have the proper hardware, then lastly you need the right software.

A dialer, or phone system, can exist in the cloud.

You only need to download the software of the phone system to your computers.

Another piece of software for customer support services is customer relationship management (CRM).

The 3 components to make your customer service support world class are the customer service representatives, hardware and software.

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