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Filipinos are beyond generalists

Stop hiring VA Generalists in the Philippines

Please, stop hiring generalists in the Philippines.

Western companies, you’re not hiring general contractors.

Filipino’s, stop calling yourselves VA’s.

In the west, companies who need help in specific areas of business will post job ads for that specific role.

Examples: Bookkeeper, Data Entry, IT Technician, Customer Service

Somehow the Philippines has become known as the ‘Virtual Assistant’ capital of the world.

But did you know..

In 2022, there were 1.6 million graduates from Philippines Universities.

In the mix are Information technology, doctors, nurses, engineers and many more comparable to the west.

If you really need help in your business, then go after people who have the capacity to do the specific role.

Instead of searching for $2 an hour VA’s, look to partner with credible companies set up in the Philippines, that can deliver high quality people.

Need someone to work on data entry?

You will look for a data entry specialist.

Need help with technical support?

You will need to find someone that has education and experience in this field.

Forget $2 VA’s. You get what you pay for.

Find people that fit the role.

Pay them appropriately.

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