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https://youtu.be/L6iyTUpZs3E Here are three ways your customer service representatives can give your customers an experience that keeps them coming back. Smiles and energy Customers can feel energy over the phone. Empathize with the customer Customers want to

admin January 31, 2022 0 Comments

Can customer service representatives work during day light hours in the US? Yes! The Philippines is #1 for phone support. Experienced customer service representatives in the Philippines have adopted the working hours in the US and Canada.

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You need to have a way of communicating when you hire customer service representatives (CSR's) in the Philippines. The most common tools used by our clients is Zoom. Zoom meetings are easy to set up, and the

admin January 11, 2022 0 Comments

Checking references during the hiring process should never be the responsibility for an entrepreneur. Reference checks are a process that human resources handle. Hiring remote staff in the Philippines is no different than hiring in your local

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Interviewing remote candidates in the Philippines can be a daunting task that can eat up hours of your time, especially if you’ve never hired before. If you don’t know what to ask Filipino candidates during an interview,

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How can you source remote staff in the Philippines if you’ve never been involved in the hiring process? You can find thousands of Filipinos scattered across multiple virtual assistant websites. But did you know the Philippines population

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A lot of entrepreneurs have tried Outsourcing to the Philippines so they can work with Filipino virtual assistants. Now you have to really understand that if someone tries to hire staff there are a few elements involved.

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