Did your freelancer bail on you?

When you hire a virtual assistant in the Philippines they sometimes have a tendency to disappear. Where did they go? Are they alright? These are some of the questions that rush through your head if someone simply doesn’t show up to work anymore.   There are plenty of reasons why freelancers / virtual assistants may decide to bail out on you.  

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LinkedIn Lead Generation

Transcript: Let’s talk about how to generate more leads on LinkedIn. If you’re only contacting prospects once without following up, then consider this… Lead generation requires you to follow up with 8 out of 10 prospects before you can convert them into a customer. Unfortunately there is no way to know what situation your prospects are in when they read

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9 LinkedIn Profile Optimizations That Help Attract More Leads

1) Your Picture – You should have a nice headshot that shows you smiling. Smiling has a significant psychological advantage when people first see you. First impressions online or off is important when building instant rapport. 2) Your Name – Always use YOUR name. It’s best to leave your company name or abbreviations out of the name field on LinkedIn.

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